Recruitment, Training and Development

St. James’ Recruitment, Training and Development

St. James Security Services, LLC provides the opportunity to develop a career in the security industry field. Averaging 3,000 plus highly trained security officers directed by a professional management team is continuously searching for candidates interested in integrating our security team. Based on the principles of team work, respect, integrity, quality of service, focusing on satisfying the customer expectations, provide the sound foundation for the development of a career in the security field.

Excellence in security services is based on the selection, training, development and retention of  personnel of the highest caliber. In order to achieve this a rigorous recruitment process is instrumental. Our process includes:

  • Compliance with all federal and local labor laws and regulation applicable to the security industry.
  • Participation of all security officers in a Basic Training Academy prior assignment to duties.
  • In house trainers in various security related topics.
  • Annual training sessions with updates on security topics and trends.

We are capable of customizing and/or developing any specialized security trainings the customer may required. St. James is licensed as a CPR provider by the American Red Cross, and others.

Continuous training of our personnel and their acquired years of experience provide the foundation for career development and promotions within the ranks.

Refer to Careers section for job opportunities and further interest.