Leadership and Experience

St. James sets the standard as the top security company in annual revenues, widest island coverage, including the jurisdictions of Vieques and Culebra, offering innovative security solutions with a professionally trained workforce of over 3,000 security guards. Our success lies in the combination of many years of practical experience in the public and private security sectors, knowledge acquired through formal studies in all the law enforcement cycles, a corporate philosophy of relating with clients as partners, and an integration of the most advanced and modern technologies to complement our human capital. Therefore, our best presentation card is our service partnership with our clients, which average sixteen (16) years. The select group of customers, includes upper echelon educational institutions, financial and pharmaceutical companies in Fortune 500 categories, Federal and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico government agencies, gated communities, insurance companies, banking industry, hospitality, health care industries, distribution centers and shopping centers, among our diverse clientele.

Accolades include the recognition since 2005 as the Top 400 Business List in Puerto Rico, determined  by a prestigious local business publisher. Within this outstanding group, St. James was designated as the “Leading Security Company” in the Island in 2011.

Our executives are members of the most prestigious international security organizations:

  1. Academy of Security Educators and Trainers (ASET)
  2. American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS)
  3. Nine Lives Associates (NLA)
  4. National Association for Victim Assistance (NOVA)
  5. Executive Protection Institute’s Personal Protection Specialist degree (P.P.S.)
  6. Puerto Rico Police Department Academy